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while we were sleeping
  1. XIII
  2. Yes Yes Yes
  3. Flex
  4. Lucy & Gulliver
  5. While We Were Sleeping
  6. Dawn Dusk
  7. Cut & Run
  8. Strait Street
  9. Hyper Green
  10. Holobiont
  11. Unfolding
  12. XIII + 3

Dark Horses

while we were sleeping

Acid Test
  • Limited Sunset Smoke LP

    Released: 13th Oct 2023

  • Limited Hyper Green LP

    Released: 13th Oct 2023


2023 sees Dark Horses awaken from their slumber to deliver a pandemic-delayed record of moody, sonic atmospheres with a booster shot of soul.

Recorded alongside technical wizard Bob Earland (Radiophonic Workshop), While We Were Sleeping is musically complex and daring -as the album unfolds, Lisa Elle’s vocals trade blows with wiry guitar lines and motorik drums, float over fuzzed-up basslines and dissolve into layers of woozy analogue synths. Lyrically, the album reflects the challenging circumstances in which it was conceived, treading the razor’s edge between nihilism and collectivism, anxiety and serenity, suspicion and trust. But the thread running through it is a sense that we’re all sharing this short act we call life, so the least we can do is show each other empathy, respect and - hell, who cares what they say - love