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I Got Heaven
  1. I Got Heaven
  2. Loud Bark
  3. Nothing Like
  4. I Don't Know You
  5. Sometimes
  6. OK? OK! OK? OK!
  7. Softly
  8. Of Her
  9. Aching
  10. Split Me Open

Mannequin Pussy

I Got Heaven

  • limited indies only magenta & smoke colour lp

    Released: 1st Mar 2024

  • LP

    Released: 1st Mar 2024

  • CD

    Released: 1st Mar 2024


the band's most fully realized recording yet - ten ambitious tracks which abruptly turn from searing punk to inviting alternative pop.

The album is deeply concerned with desire, the power in being alone, and how to live in an unfeeling and unkind world. It's a document of a band doubling down on their unshakable bond to make something furious, thrilling, and wholly alive.