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Ennio Morricone

Storie di vita e malavita (First Time on Vinyl!) (RSD 24)

Record Store Day 2024 - Coloured LP - £31.99
CAM SUGAR is proud to release for the first time ever on vinyl the complete soundtrack of Carlo Lizzani's masterpiece, 'Storie di vita e malavita' (1975).

Come imparai ad amare le donne OST (RSD 24)

Record Store Day 2024 - Clear Green LP + 30x30cm insert - £29.99
"Come imparai ad amare le donne" (How I learned to love women) is a 1966 romantic comedy directed by Luciano Salce; the cast includes internationally ...
Ennio Morricone

Allonsanfan OST (RSD 24)

Record Store Day 2024 - Red LP + 30x30cm insert - £29.99
“Allonsanfàn” is a 1974 historical film written and directed by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani; set in 1816 in Italy during the Restoration period, its cast fe...

Avant-garde (2024 Reissue)

limited remastered clear acid green lp (1000 only) - £31.99 | Pre Order
The studies with Goffredo Petrassi and the association with Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza let the Avant-garde play an important role in the career ...

Amore (2024 Reissue)

limited remastered clear red lp (1000 only) - £31.99 | Pre Order
The romantic side of Maestro Morricone contrasts the dramatic side of Thriller and Crime genre where dissonances always dominate.

Bossa & groove (2024 Reissue)

limited remastered clear lp (1000 only) - £31.99 | Pre Order
In his long and successful career Ennio Morricone composed many dance songs as it was in fashion in the late sixties and early seventies.
Morricone Segreto Songbook: The Maestro's Hidden Songs for Cinema (1962-1973)
  1. A GRINGO LIKE ME (1963, Duello Nel Texas) Peter Tevis
  2. CANNIBAL (CANTATA II) (1969, I Cannibali) Don Powell
  3. SPLASH (1968, Partner) Peter Bloom
  4. SOLO NOSTALGIA (1968, Comandamenti per un gangster) Christy
  5. UNA STANZA VUOTA (1966, Svegliati e uccidi) Lisa Gastoni
  6. FRUSCIO DI FOGLIE VERDI (1968, Teorema) Trio Junior
  7. GLORIA (1969, La stagione dei sensi) Patrick Samson
  8. GUERRA E PACE, POLLO E BRACE (1968, Grazie Zia) Le voci bianche di Renata Cortiglioni
  9. MATTO, CALDO, SOLDI, MORTO, GIROTONDO (1969, Vergogna schifosi) I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni
  10. MAN FOR ME (1967, O.K. Connery) Christy
  11. VAI VIA MALINCONIA (1967, Ad ogni costo) unknown
  12. METTI UNA SERA A CENA (1969, Metti una sera a cena) Florinda Bolkan
  13. NUVOLE (1962, La voglia matta) Jimmy Fontana
  14. UCCELLACCI E UCCELLINI (TITOLI DI TESTA) (1966, Uccellacci e uccellini) Domenico Modugno
  15. FILASTROCCA VIETNAMITA (1968, Grazie zia) Sergio Endrigo
  16. LUCE CHIARA PER VERGINE “CURVE OSCURE” (1973, Quando l’amore è sensualità) Edda Dell’Orso
  17. GENTE GRIDA (1972, Imputazione di omicidio per uno studente) Marina Fiorentini, Federico Pietrabruna
  18. NO ONE CAN (1972, Spogliati, protesta e uccidi) unknown
  19. YOU AND I (1971, Incontro) King Harvest
  20. UN AMICO (1973, Revolver) Daniel Beretta


Morricone Segreto Songbook: The Maestro's Hidden Songs for Cinema (1962-1973)

cam sugar
  • black 2lp

    Released: 10th Nov 2023


CAM Sugar marks what would have been Morricone’s 95th birthday with a collection of little-known gems: 'Morricone Segreto Songbook'.

This anthology was born out of a desire to delve into Morricone’s cinematic song production, to unearth some hidden gems that have been more or less forgotten or passed over in the background, despite the innovative level of the writing and the modernity of the orchestration. Complementary to the 2020 release, we hear again the pop-psych, dark-cinematic and avant-garde sounds that characterized the original collection, as well as hints of the folk-rock of the day and poignant ballads and elegant chansons.

“Ennio Morricone, as far as I am concerned, is my favorite composer. And when I say ‘favorite composer,’ I don’t mean movie composer ... I’m talking about Mozart, I’m talking about Beethoven, I’m talking about Schubert. That’s who I’m talking about.” — QUENTIN TARANTINO

“Ennio was an icon and icons just don’t go away, icons are forever. The first movie I ever saw was Once Upon A Time In The West. I heard the music and saw those images and I said: ‘That’s what I want to do’.” — HANS ZIMMER

"His genius was to invent his own language of film music." — ALEXANDRE DESPLAT

“A unique sound, magnificent melodies, a major influence & constant source of inspiration: love and respect.” — JEAN MICHEL JARRE

"You know his music, even without knowing it." — DANNY ELFMAN