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last place

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indie rock’s not felt this wonky, weird or downright bizarre and fun since the last granddaddy release 10 years ago – lytle and co still have their ...

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Bird Machine

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We never thought we’d get to experience this again: one more trip into the arresting psyche of the late Mark Linkous - and what a trip! Sparklehorse enter...

Feel Good Lost (20th anniversary) (black Friday 2021)

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Earth to Dora

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Yo La Tengo

This Stupid World

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The New Jersey trio have always been capable of whopping out gutsy yet fragile, tender yet muscular records but on album number 17, they’ve really outdone...
Blu Wav


1. Blu Wav
2. Cabin in My Mind
3. Long as I'm Not the One
4. You're Going to Be Fine and I'm Going to Hell
5. Watercooler
6. Let's Put this Pinto on the Moon
7. On a Train or Bus
8. Jukebox App
9. Yeehaw Ai in the Year 2025
10. Ducky, Boris and Dart
11. East Yosemite
12 Nothin' to Lose
13. Blu Wav Buh Bye



Blu Wav

Dangerbird Records
  • Limited Indies Nebula LP

    Released: 16th Feb 2024

  • Limited Blue LP

    Released: 16th Feb 2024

  • CD

    Released: 16th Feb 2024

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Lush instrumentation and lo-fi psychedelia criss-cross the sonic tracks of this heavenly outing from the California boys - there might be some unexpected musical additions (pedal steel anyone?) but it all merges into a coherent and wondrous Grandaddy-shaped whole.

A prolific storyteller, Grandaddy's Jason Lytle is inspired by the overwhelming beauty of nature to the mundane moments that spark life’s strongest memories. Introducing pedal steel into the band’s repertoire for the first time, buoyant lead single “Watercooler” comments on the dichotomy of both. It was inspired by having his own outdoorsy rock guy (in both senses of the word) lifestyle while his partner had an office job. Lytle shares, “Most of my relationships have involved girls who worked in office settings. This song is about the end of one, or perhaps a few, of those relationships. Listeners will also notice the pedal steel on this track and eventually on many others from the forthcoming new album. It’s a first for Grandaddy, and I couldn't be more thrilled about this fact.” With the album title Blu Wav meant to be a literal mash-up of “bluegrass” and “new wave”, the new collection has a distinct feel, a uniform vibe, and a somewhat unexpected sound. It was conceived as Grandaddy maestro Jason Lytle was driving through the Nevada desert, and Patti Page’s "Tennessee Waltz" came across the classic country station on the radio. He was immediately intrigued by the possibilities of what it might sound like to keep the slow sway and sweet, simple lyrics of the bluegrass waltz while adding layers of dense synthesizers and the electronics of new wave. It incorporates the lo-fi lushness and sometimes-psychedelic orchestration Grandaddy is known for with Lytle’s first foray into true country. Seven of its 13 songs are waltzes, and as Lytle notes, “there’s an inordinate amount of pedal steel.” Grandaddy recently celebrated their legacy with a series of 20th anniversary reissues including the acclaimed Sumday Twunny box set which earned a Pitchfork ‘Best New Reissue”. Lytle also contributed vocals to a posthumous Sparklehorse album by request of his friend and fellow psychedelic pop auteur Mark Linkous’ family. Grandaddy has released five official LPs, most recently 2017’s Last Place. Grandaddy members include Jason Lytle, Aaron Burtch, Jim Fairchild, Tim Dryden, and the late Kevin Garcia, who passed away in 2017.