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Mildlife Remixed

limited 12" - £11.99 | Buy
Following the success of 'Phase', Research brings you an all-star cast delivering remixes of their pick from Mildlife's debut album released early 2...


limited heavyweight lp with locked groove - £19.99 | Buy
Hazy library grooves meet jazz, krautrock and Balearic groove in equal measure for a simply sublime new genre made of pure, unadulterated vibes.

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Con Todo El Mundo

LP - £24.99 | Buy
this trio’s sounds are rooted in the deepest waters of world music - infused with classic soul, dub and psychedelia, and inspired by the underdiscovered f...
Glass Beams


limited 140g orange 12" ep - £18.99 | Pre Order
Preorder for a chance to win a Glass Beams White Label*.

Talk Memory

2lp - £24.99 | Buy
Venturing into jazzier climes, the genre blending group’s first album without Matthew Tavares is full of transfixing, celestial, instrumental flights of f...

maggot brain (repress)

deluxe 180g black lp in gatefold - £25.99 | Buy
lp - £21.99 | Buy
The album’s critical reputation rests on its title track -An extended instrumental, Eddie Hazel lays down more than 10 minutes of astounding improvisation...
  1. Forever
  2. Yourself
  3. Sunrise
  4. Musica
  5. Chorus
  6. Future Life
  7. Return To Centaurus



  • cd

    Released: 1st Mar 2024


A slick, neon-doused, psychedelic turn that will earn many remarkable comparisons yet it's the funk slap riding along the record's central spine that gives this the cosmic boost setting Mildlife apart from their contemporaries.

'Chorus' arrives as Mildlife’s most optimistic record, serving as a sonic testament to the band’s unwavering adoration for the beguiling realms of 70s psychedelic and cosmic sounds. “'Chorus' is about a coming together of disparate elements. Not in some sort of utopian aesthetic where everything works perfectly, but in the natural flow and state of things,” shares the band’s Jim Rindfleish. “It’s about cosmic compatibility and chemistry: what makes things work? Not just what makes the band work, but what makes good music, art or love? It’s the rhythm of nature”.