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Psychedelic Porn Crumpets


very limited indies only sea blue splatter lp - £23.99 | Buy
very limited neon blue / magenta swirl lp - £23.99 | Buy

very limited "Dolphin Splashdown lp - £23.99 | Buy

very limited cd (500 only) - £12.99 | Buy
They might be crumpets that you ought not serve your Granny but 'Fronzoli' is a shining emblem of their rapturous blend of heavy melodic guitars and har...
Post Animal

Levitation Sessions

limited Indie Exclusive Green/Yellow lp - £19.99 | Buy
The Chicago based Post Animal takes us into an alternate-universe created at Sleeping Village.
Mild High Club

Going Going Gone

limited indies only green lp - £23.99 | Buy
LP - £21.99 | Buy

CD - £10.99 | Buy
Genre-baiting of the highest order! Alexander Brettin has been deep diving in search of sounds and, heck me, has he found a sizzling array for our eager ears.
The Orielles

Silver Dollar Moment

LP + download - £23.99 | Buy
cd - £9.99 | Buy

limited blue lp + download - £19.99
From the first jangling sunshine chords on its opening track, this record declares itself to be a proper piece of indie pop goodness.

Zuma 85

lp - £29.99 | Buy
cd - £13.99 | Buy
For the last 15 years, Allah-Las have alchemically melded surf rock washes with folk rock jangle and rock, but 'Zuma 85' signals the start of a new era ...

Abandon Ship (Martian Meltdown Mix)

black 10" - £14.99 | Buy
two new exclusive tracks by the band.
Strange Weather

indies only "orange crush" vinyl


  1. Heaven
  2. Strange Weather
  3. Cool It Baby
  4. Expectations
  5. Immortal Love
  6. Scene For An Exit
  7. Pintura
  8. Morning Star
  9. Revelations
  10. The Other Side

Dinked Edition 269


- Splatter vinyl *
- Bonus track 7" flexi-disc*
- 12”x12” double-sided colour Insert
- Hand-numbered*
- Limited pressing of 500 *

*EXCLUSIVE to Dinked Edition

levitation room

Strange Weather

ras / greenway
  • dinked edition 269 - very limited hand-numbered “Blue Caelum” splatter lp with 7" flexi (500 only) (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 16th Feb 2024

  • very limited indies only clear tangerine lp (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 16th Feb 2024

  • black lp (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 16th Feb 2024

  • cd (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 16th Feb 2024


Drifting in on a curl of Los Angelean haze, the third album from the psych rock quartet is a laidback smear of heatwave dapple, gallivanting grooves, and guitar runs so cool they should be sporting sunglasses.

‘Strange Weather’ sees Levitation Room bringing former Brian Jonestown Massacre keyboardist Rob Campanella, Jason Kick (Mild High Club), and Black Crowes’ Joel Robinow into the fold and, in the process, drawing on a wealth of formidable sixties influences whilst ushering them through their own kaleidoscopic lens. They might give off an air of effortless nonchalance but, when they crank those dials, they bring a gloriously gold-hued thunder to proceedings.  

In short – it’s just the cosmic injection that we need to lance a little sun into these darkening winter days.  

For Fans Of: Girls / Psychedelic Porn Crumpets / The Beach Boys / Post Animal / Brian Jonestown Massacre / The Beatles / Mild High Club