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Now When We Talk It's Violence
  1. And Now the End
  2. No Guilt
  3. Dubious Goals Committee
  4. Sunshine
  5. Don't Give Anything Up for Love
  6. Now When We Talk It's Violence
  7. Chemical
  8. Necessary
  9. Big Idea
  10. Breeding Ground
  11. Tastes Like Sarah


Now When We Talk It's Violence

  • very limited lp

    Released: 9th Feb 2024


Since forming in 2018, Brighton’s PROJECTOR have stubbornly forged their own artistic path.

The three-piece have an experimental attitude to pop, whether it’s bringing industrial drum machines to hook laden alt-rock, or layering shimmering melodies over frenzied post-punk. It’s this confidence in craft that has seen the three-piece tour Europe with rock giants Cleopatrick, while simultaneously haunting the airwaves of BBC 6 Music with their otherworldliness. It comes as no surprise that PROJECTOR’s self-produced debut album, ‘NOW WHEN WE TALK IT’S VIOLENCE’, documents the band’s notable, abstract individuality. Pulsations of artful disorder and raw aggression launch into atmospheric indie pop, and the strange brutalism of Joy Division gives way to a spectacular of hyperactive, Squid-flavoured rant-pop. Lucy, Edward and Callum’s ability to channel the intensity of their blistering live show is constant throughout.