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Dinosaur Jr.

Bug (2023 reissue)

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'Bug' is dinosaur jr.
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Cowgirl In The Sand - Live 1970

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Dinosaur Jr.

Beyond (15th Anniversary)

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What Do We Do Now



  1. Can’t Believe We're Here
  2. What Do We Do Now
  3. Right Behind You
  4. You Don’t Understand Me
  5. I Can’t Find You
  6. Old Friends
  7. It's True
  8. Set Me Down
  9. Hangin Out
  10. End Is Gettin Shaky

J Mascis

What Do We Do Now

  • black lp + 12x12 print

    Released: 2nd Feb 2024

  • cd

    Released: 2nd Feb 2024

  • Cassette

    Released: 2nd Feb 2024

  • limited indies only "loser edition" neon pink lp + 12x12 print

    Released: 2nd Feb 2024

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The Dinosaur Jr frontman has packed out his guitar heroics with additional bittersweet songwriting, gut-punching us with every shifting chord and each heartfelt lyric.

That's not to say that he's given up on his signature licks - Mascis still delivers righteous wails - but they're all in strict service to the song. And, judging by the high standard of tracks on display, this is an approach that's paying off in rapturous dividends.

'What Do We Do Now' expands on J’s sound, featuring a more band-driven element, with drums and electric guitar leads, and keyboards by Ken Mauri of The B52s, and steel guitar by Canadian psych/folk/experimental musician Matthew “Doc” Dunn. 'What Do We Do Now' began to come together during the waning days of the Pandemic. Utilizing his own Bisquiteen Studio, J started working on writing a series of tunes on acoustic with a different dynamic than the stuff he creates for Dino. “When I'm writing for the band,” he says, “I'm always trying to think of doing things Lou and Murph would fit into. For myself, I'm thinking more about what I can do with just an acoustic guitar, even for the leads. Of course, this time, I added full drums and electric leads, although the rhythm parts are still all acoustic. Usually, I try to do the solo stuff more simply so I can play it by myself, but I really wanted to add the drums. Once that started, everything else just fell into place. So it ended up sounding a lot more like a band record. I dunno why I did that exactly, but it's just what happened.”

Two guest musicians are playing this time out; Western Mass local Ken Mauri (of the B52s) plays piano on several tracks. Since J himself has some experience with keys, when asked why he needed a hired gun, he says, “Ken is great, and he plays all the keys. I tried playing some keyboards on the first Fog album, but I'm really only comfortable playing the white notes, so it's kind of limiting. [laughs] Nowadays, I could just turn the pitch on a mini Mellotron to play different sounds, but black keys just seem hard. For whatever reason, I just like banging on the white ones. Seems like it's harder to figure out how to stretch your fingers around the other ones.” Mauri has no such qualms and plays all the keys very damn well. He sounds especially great on “I Can't Find You,” where he is Jack Nitzsche to J's Neil Young, creating one of the album's loveliest tunes.

The other guest musician, Matthew “Doc” Dunn, is also prominent on this track. Dunn's steel guitar manages to both widen and soften the musical edges of the music, giving it a full classicist profile. Dunn is an Ontario-based polymath who J met through Matt Valentine. After J played on Doc's great 2022 Sub Pop single, “Your Feel,” he figured it was time for payback. Both Dunn and Mauri add beautifully to the songs here, helping to transform them from acoustic sketches into full-blown post-core power ballads.

'What Do We Do Now' is the finest set of solo tunes J has yet penned, and the way they're presented is just about perfect.