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The Specials (40th Anniversary Edition)
  1. "A Message To You Rudy"
  2. "Do The Dog"
  3. "It's Up To You"
  4. "Nite Klub"
  5. Side "Doesn't Make It Alright"
  6. "Concrete Jungle"
  7. "Too Hot"
  8. "Monkey Man"
  9. "Dawning Of A New Era"
  10. "Blank Expression"
  11. "Stupid Marriage"
  12. Side "Too Much Too Young"
  13. "Little Bitch"
  14. "You're Wondering Now"

The Specials

The Specials (40th Anniversary Edition)

  • half-speed master black 2lp


The Specials' landmark, 14-track-strong debut album, produced by Elvis Costello, declared their intentions loud and clear with a rare blend of furious energy and no-nonsense, hard-hitting lyrics.

In essence a studio recording of their live set, the album comprises mostly originals with a few covers of ska classics thrown in for good measure, including their fabulous take on Dandy Livingstone's "A Message to You Rudy", an equally stellar version of the Maytals' "Monkey Man", and a sizzling take on Prince Buster's "Too Hot".