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Music By Ludwig Goransson
  1. Fission
  2. Can Hear the Music
  3. A Lowly Shoe Salesman
  4. Quantum Mechanics
  5. Gravity Swallows Light
  6. Meeting Kitty
  7. Groves
  8. Manhattan Project
  9. American Prometheus
  10. Atmospheric Ignition
  11. Los Alamos
  12. Fusion
  13. Colonel Pash
  14. Theorist
  15. Ground Zero
  16. Trinity
  17. What Have We Done
  18. Power Stays in the Shadows
  19. The Trial
  20. Dr. Hill
  21. Kitty Comes to Testify
  22. Something More Important
  23. Destroyer of Worlds
  24. Oppenheimer


Music By Ludwig Goransson

  • 140g black 3lp

    Released: 9th Feb 2024


The premiere physical release of the stunning and deeply emotional soundtrack to Christopher Nolan’s epic 'Oppenheimer'.

Oppenheimer is the IMAX-shot epic from the mind of acclaimed director and writer, Christopher Nolan. Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the film tells the story of the enigmatic man who led the Manhattan Project and helped create the first nuclear weapons.