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an extraordinarily accomplished, vibrant, complex, imaginative & captivating record that demonstrates Conor J O’Brien & co were merely hinting at ...

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lp in gatefold sleeve - £31.99 | Buy
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That Golden Time



limited postcard set

  1. Truly Alone
  2. First Responder
  3. I Want What I Don’t Need
  4. You Lucky One
  5. That Golden Time
  6. Keepsake
  7. Brother Hen
  8. No Drama
  9. Behind That Curtain
  10. Money On The Mind


That Golden Time

  • *signed* 140g black lp with 12pp booklet + download

    Released: 10th May 2024

  • *signed* cd + 20pp booklet

    Released: 10th May 2024

  • *signed* limited 140g gold lp with 12pp booklet + download

    Released: 10th May 2024

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A softly hewn yet gorgeously widescreen, folk-washed outing from Dinked alumni, Conor J O'Brien - 'That Golden Time' gleams with a suitably halcyon glow as it swishes from weighty balladry to a gloriously jazzy finale.

The understated poetry within 'That Golden Time' is effortlessly carried by gorgeous melodies and sublime instrumentation. In “No Drama”, as the narrator pleads for respite from the vicissitudes of life, O’Brien equates an orchestral swell with an appeal for quiet beauty and peace. “Behind That Curtain” is a rare moment of musical discombobulation as a solemn, soulful ballad hands over to a jazzy coda, “It’s the sound of deafening alarm bells inside your head,” remarks O’Brien. Exploring these themes further, there is also a secondary image of a coin on the artwork (an Irish twenty pence piece) to which O’Brien explains: “The types of physical currency change throughout time, but the essential power relationships and bartering principles persevere throughout the cosmetic changes.”