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The Obsession With Her Voice
  1. Dress Of Stillness
  2. Up My Sleeve
  3. German Singer
  4. Never Tried To Run
  5. One
  6. Open Eyes
  7. Bear
  8. Let Your Hair Down
  9. Good And Bad
  10. Temple

Erika Angell

The Obsession With Her Voice

  • 180g lp

    Released: 8th Mar 2024

  • CD

    Released: 8th Mar 2024


The ten tracks on 'The Obsession With Her Voice' form a riveting collage, blending Angell’s searing and searching vocals with synths and electroacoustics (mixed brilliantly by Sam Woywitka), Jonathan Cayer’s mazelike string arrangements, and incandescent drum improvisations by Mili Hong.

Songs like “One”, “Temple” and “Open Eyes” are poetic, through composed song-sculptures, musing on identity and disagreement. “Never Tried to Run” evokes Angell’s childhood idol Nina Hagen, weaving a snaky, sultry portrait of change, while “Up My Sleeve” shivers with a vivid worldliness: the singer in a state of emergency, watching the flames climb higher. Angell never gives in to cold experimentation or the willfully abstruse; even a song like “German Singer,” which narrates a concert over processed vocal snippets and a metronomic pulse, is fundamentally an invitation: a tribute to art’s value, to its power to seduce. Throughout, Angell pushes and processes her voice, plunging overtop noise and percussion, tracing melodies of fearless complexity, instantaneity and conviction. Listen for echoes of Scott Walker’s The Drift, Jenny Hval’s Blood Bitch, Brigitte Fontaine’s Comme à la radio and Sidsel Endresen & Stian Westerhus’s Bonita