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Camera Obscura


limited orange lp - £25.99 | Buy
"Underachievers Please Try Harder" is the album on which Stuart Murdoch continued showing his support for the band with the cover photo; the album pro...
Camera Obscura


limited clear lp - £25.99 | Buy
"Let's Get Out Of This Country" is the album of maturity, the album of a group that has a solid international position and a third album that will...

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Here In The Pitch

limited indies only brown lp - £24.99 | Buy
lp - £21.99 | Buy

cd - £11.99 | Buy

dinked edition 280 - limited oxblood red lp in numbered sleeve + *signed* art print (750 only) - £24.99
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180g lp - £28.99 | Buy
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The Boy With The Arab Strap (25th Anniversary "Pale Blue Artwork" Edition)

limited transparent pale blue lp in gatefold sleeve + exclusive behind-the-scenes print - £24.99 | Buy
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Look to the East, Look to the West


  1. Liberty Print
  2. We’re Going to Make It in a Man’s World
  3. Big Love
  4. Only a Dream
  5. The Light Nights
  6. Sleepwalking
  7. Baby Huey (Hard Times)
  8. Denon
  9. Pop Goes Pop
  10. Sugar Almond
  11. Look to the East Look to the West

Camera Obscura

Look to the East, Look to the West

  • limited indies only baby blue & white galaxy lp in gatefold sleeve

    Released: 3rd May 2024

  • lp in gatefold sleeve

    Released: 3rd May 2024

  • cd with 15pp booklet

    Released: 3rd May 2024


Camera Obscura have fleshed out their baroque indie-pop with a dash of country styling - some slide guitar here, a little knee-slapping percussion there - and do-si-do'd their way back into our hearts.

This is Camera Obscura at their best and most evocative, an album that completely rearranges the listener’s emotional core, leaving them sad and exhilarated at the same time. Camera Obscura’s catalog is replete with songs people point to as life-changing, songs that will stick with them all their lives. 'Look to the East, Look to the West' has 11 of them; take your pick. 'Look to the East, Look to the West' feels big, a widescreen reframing of Camera Obscura’s sound that, paradoxically, saw the band go back to basics there are no string or brass arrangements, with more emphasis placed on piano, synthesizers, Hammond organ, and drum machines, and, perhaps most strikingly, the group have dropped the veil of reverb that characterized their previous albums. The tinges of country and soul that give Camera Obscura’s baroque take on pop music its bittersweet edge have never been more apparent - guitars shimmer into the distance, keys haunt, and Campbell’s voice searches for the heart, reflecting on love, loss, and the passage of time.