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very limited indies only black / blue / red lp + *signed* print - £25.99 | Buy
limited indies only black / blue / red lp - £25.99 | Buy

black lp - £24.99 | Buy

cd - £13.99 | Buy
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Find Your Flame


  1. Battle Isn’t Over
  2. Lights Out (Ft. Nile Rodgers)
  3. All The Same (Ft. Ria Moran)
  4. Woman
  5. You Don’t Know Me (Ft. Corto Alto)
  6. Carry Me (Ft. Seun Kuti)
  7. So Mi Stay
  8. Pray For Me Part 1 (Ft. NEONE The Wonderer)
  9. Pray For Me Part 2 (Ft. K.O.G)
  10. Reach My Soul
  11. Find Your Flame
  12. Slow Breath (Ft. Mamani Keïta)


Find Your Flame

Strut Records
  • limited white lp

    Released: 3rd May 2024

  • cd

    Released: 3rd May 2024


Funky, groovy, and soulful with a jazzy streak a mile wide - this is just what you'd expect from such a talented set of Strut luminaries who include Nile Rodgers and Seun Kuti amongst their collaborators.

9-piece powerhouse, Nubiyan Twist, embark on a fresh musical odyssey with their vibrant fourth album, 'Find Your Flame’. Over 12 tracks, the band seamlessly weaves together global grooves, soul and jazz; expertly intertwined with electronic elements, horn-led melodies and spontaneous improvisation. The album marks a significant evolution for the group as they welcome Sheffield based vocalist Aziza Jaye to the forefront, adding a fresh dimension of Patois and RnB to their sound. The heady, sun-drenched release is peppered with impressive collaborations, including musical legends Nile Rodgers and Seun Kuti who bring their trademark disco and afrobeat mastery to tracks ‘Lights Out’ and ‘Carry Me’ respectively. Embracing the roots of UK sound system culture, ‘Find Your Flame’ takes dynamic turns, from the frenetic broken beat of the title track to reflective lyricism and lo-fi beats in 'Reach My Soul' and ‘Battle Isn’t Over’.

Nubiyan Twist venture into grime and hip hop territory with 'Woman' and 'Pray for Me (Part 1)' featuring rising UK-based MC NEONE the Wonderer. The exploration continues into highlife and soukous with 'Pray for Me (Part 2)' featuring long-time Ghanaian collaborator K.O.G. and neo-soul with the sensual vocals of Ria Moran. The exceptional Corto Alto from Glasgow features on 'You Don't Know Me’. ‘Find Your Flame’ culminates in a sublime collaboration with ex-Salif Keïta backing singer Mamani Keïta, paying homage to traditional Malian music and the roots of the genres elegantly woven throughout the album.