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Morning View XXIII
  1. Nice to Know You
  2. Circles (3-7-2024)
  3. Wish You Were Here
  4. Just a Phase
  5. 11 am
  6. Blood on the Ground
  7. Mexico
  8. Warning
  9. Echo (2-8-2024)
  10. Have You Ever
  11. Are You In?
  12. Under My Umbrella (4-4-2024)
  13. Aqueous Transmission


Morning View XXIII

  • 180g 2LP

    Released: 10th May 2024

  • Digipak CD

    Released: 10th May 2024


Better than watching Geller bending silver spoons & better than witnessing newborn nebulas in bloom.

"Roughly 23 years ago, we rented a house at the sea to do an art experiment". "The novel and expansive environment combined with a healthy dose of momentum helped us find that ever sought after FLOW state and the songs that became known as ‘Morning View’ have since become indelible and deeply important parts of our lives. This album helped propel our little art experiment called ‘Incubus’ into a way of life and here we are today, some 23 years later about to introduce a new/next phase of it’s existence. ‘Morning View xxiii’ is a re-recording/re-think of the 2001 album and is the result of our desire to honor this burgeoning legacy but also reimagine it as musicians who have been lovingly performing these songs night after night for the last 23 years. With Love," Brandon Boyd