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goat girl

On All Fours

limited indies only transparent pink 2lp - £21.99 | Buy
2lp - £19.99 | Buy
Their inventive blend of sci-fi synthesisers, off-beat chord progressions, analogue drum machines, diverse vocal styles and distinct, gritty guitars fuse a musi...

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love record stores edition - 140g Gold lp + download - £25.99 | Buy
cd - £11.99 | Buy
A whirl of modern and apocalyptic sounds that jangle, jink, and judder from the sultry to the sincere & back again.

One More Thing

limited "reign in blood" colour lp - £22.99 | Buy
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We’re confident that this pop-laden, rock-wielding, zingy 4-piece are well on their way to being the biggest thing out of Brighton in a long while.

Social Lubrication

limited deluxe red & black lp in gatefold sleeve w/ alternate cover + bonus flexi - £21.99 | Buy
limited deep red lp in gatefold sleeve - £22.99 | Buy
Witnessing this band ruling bigger stages and taking their fervently unapologetic “hyper lusty rock and roll” to the next level, has been brilliantl...


2lp + etched side d - £17.99 | Buy
‘The Woods’ is the seventh and final studio album from Sleater-Kinney, released on May 24, 2005 by Sub Pop.
Porridge Radio

Every Bad

cd - £9.99 | Buy
As many of us have followed them around for years, we predicted big things for these Brighton locals but we never suspected they had something quite this specia...
Still Corners

Strange Pleasures (10th Anniversary edition)

limited remastered transparent green lp in gatefold sleeve + poster + download w/ ‘We Have the Future on Tape’ bonus track - £23.99 | Buy
Originally released on Sub Pop, 'STRANGE PLEASURES' has developed cult status since its release in 2013.
Below The Waste



  1. reprise
  2. ride around
  3. words fell out
  4. play it down
  5. tcnc
  6. where’s ur <3
  7. prelude
  8. tonight
  9. motorway
  10. s.m.o.g
  11. take it away
  12. pretty faces
  13. perhaps
  14. jump sludge
  15. sleep talk
  16. wasting

Dinked Exlusive bonus 7"

  1. where's ur <3 (demo)
  2. sleep talk (fka mellotron improv)
  3. ride around (fka wavey bye)
  4. play it down (sad demo)
  5. wasting (demo)

Dinked Edition 281

- Crystal clear transparent audiophile 2LP *
- A3 folded poster *
- Signed & numbered edition *
- 5 track bonus 7” *
- Limited pressing of 1000 *

*EXCLUSIVE to Dinked Edition

goat girl

Below The Waste

Rough Trade
  • dinked edition 281 - limited numbered crystal clear 2lp with bonus 7" + *signed* A3 poster (1000 only)

    Released: 7th Jun 2024

  • limited clear red lp

    Released: 7th Jun 2024

  • lp

    Released: 7th Jun 2024

  • cd

    Released: 7th Jun 2024


Pieced together like a collage over an extended period of time, the instrumentation on their 3rd album was tracked mostly over a ten-day stint in Ireland at Hellfire Studios, in the shadow of the infamous Hellfire Club itself.


Perfectly reflected by the enigmatic album artwork, ‘Below The Waste’ is a moody and mysterious piece that beguiles its audience from the very first note. There’s an ushered sense of the uncanny. Of midnight leaking into the bright shine of day, and, amidst it all, Goat Girl have crafted an enveloping tapestry that’ll cleverly warm you with the myriad secrets hidden within its many dream-like folds.
This seductively oneiric air is made even more palpable by the links and transitions, driven by the production of Spud Murphy (Black Midi and Lankum), which ebb and flow across the perfectly concep-tualised 2LP edition of the record. It’s the version of the album that the band always dreamt of and have managed to fully envision here in magnificent #DinkedEdition form. This is the ultimate fan pack-age and the only way to hear the album as the band intended.