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Caleb Landry Jones

Gadzooks Vol. 2

limited indies only red lp - £19.99 | Buy
on volume 2, Caleb places himself in a lineage of outsider artists who are capable of reaching into the cosmic realms of imagination and bringing back a musical...
Caleb Landry Jones

Gadzooks Vol. 1

limited red lp + download - £22.99 | Buy
Psychedelic in a defiantly non-retro way, this indulgent, freewheeling trip is one well worth making.
Caleb Landry Jones

The Mother Stone

cd - £11.99 | Buy
the prolific songwriting multi-instrumentalist unveils a small sample of his wares to the world, taking the form of a half-remembered dream resembling jugband p...
Hey Gary, Hey Dawn


  1. Hey Dawn
  2. Too Sharp To Be My Carrot
  3. The Moonkey Light Hey Dawn
  4. Spot A Fly
  5. Corn Mine
  6. Your Favorite Song
  7. Hey Gary
  8. The Bonzo Bargain
  9. Masandoia
  10. He Sued His Wife
  11. Useless
  12. The Pageant Thieves

Caleb Landry Jones

Hey Gary, Hey Dawn

sacred bones
  • limited jade eco-mix lp

    Released: 5th Apr 2024

  • cd

    Released: 5th Apr 2024


'Hey Gary, Hey Dawn' is a testament to Caleb Landry Jones’s artistic evolution, demonstrating his ability to push boundaries while maintaining a distinct and indescribable quality.

With a blend of intensity, vulnerability, and musical virtuosity, Jones invites listeners to embark on a journey that transcends traditional genres, promising an immersive experience that resonates long after the final note. Renowned as a multi-instrumentalist crafting intricate cinematic works that hover on the fringes of prog, Jones breaks new ground with a deliberate focus on live performance for his latest record. Jones has in fact intentionally designed 'Hey Gary, Hey Dawn' with the live stage in mind, a previously missing element in his musical career.

Assembling a formidable band, he sets the stage for an enthralling experience, kickstarting a month-long residency in Austin, Texas, this February, culminating in a standout performance at SXSW. The residency serves as a precursor to a series of planned US and international tours, promising to bring the album’s electrifying energy to audiences worldwide. The music is Jones’s heaviest to date, and though often reticent about direct influences and resistant to categorizations, he weaves a sonic tapestry that hints at punk and grunge elements within his signature kaleidoscopic symphonies. “It’s not for me to say what it is. I’m only here to give it up,” he asserts, emphasizing the individual listening experience. But even though these songs are his most succinct, they are anything but simple. Over 20 talented musicians, including a quartet, contributed to the album, adding layers of depth and complexity to this dynamic collection of songs that seamlessly traverse a multitude of genres.