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belle & sebastian

The Boy With The Arab Strap (25th Anniversary "Pale Blue Artwork" Edition)

limited transparent pale blue lp in gatefold sleeve + exclusive behind-the-scenes print - £24.99 | Buy
Look it up, this doesn't exist in usual place - savour 25 years of soft dancing and hard drinking with this resplendent pale blue disc and behind the scenes...
Micah P. Hinson

I Lie To You

CD - £12.99 | Buy
On this new album he sings, with his weathered, husky, prophet-like voice, eleven tales of love, loss and regret, which once again reveal his heart as an artist...

Feel Good Lost (20th anniversary) (black Friday 2021)

gold foil numbered 180g lp in printed clear dust cover + zine + fold-out poster - £37.99 | Buy

Dots & Loops (2019 reissue)

3lp - £28.99 | Buy
Remastered from the original tapes, this luxurious reissue includes a bonus disc of unreleased demos, outtakes and alternate mixes.
Camera Obscura

Look to the East, Look to the West

limited indies only baby blue & white galaxy lp in gatefold sleeve - £28.99 | Buy
lp in gatefold sleeve - £27.99 | Buy

cd with 15pp booklet - £13.99 | Buy
Camera Obscura have fleshed out their baroque indie-pop with a dash of country styling - some slide guitar here, a little knee-slapping percussion there - and d...
Bow To Love



Limited Signed Art Print

  1. Everything Falls Apart
  2. Do Or Die
  3. Spider To The Fly
  4. Second Guessing
  5. Bow To Love
  6. 4316
  7. Dopamine
  8. Keep Calm Carry On
  9. Saturday’s Son
  10. Take This Poison
  11. Om Shanti Om
  12. You
  13. Why Worry


Bow To Love

  • limited 140g yellow lp (english version) + *signed* art print

    Released: 14th Jun 2024

  • 2cd (english & french versions)

    Released: 14th Jun 2024

  • limited 140g yellow lp (english version)

    Released: 14th Jun 2024

  • *signed* 2cd (english & french versions)

    Released: 14th Jun 2024

    out of stock

preorder for the chance to win a limited signed test pressing*.


*no purchase neccessary

Ambient folk as only the former cellist of Belle & Sebastian could do - listening to this is akin to dropping into a phantasmagoric cartoon a la 'Midnight Gospel', tune in and you'll be riding a rainbow slide of francophone soft psychedelia through chirpy little clouds in no time.Isobel Campbell is no stranger to navigating turmoil; On her previous album, 'There Is No Other' (2020), she re-emerged after a decade of label trouble with a gem of subtly questing psychedelic folk. Four years on, Campbell spreads her net wider on 'Bow to Love', a soft-spun yet sharp-edged set of reflections on modern crises that doesn’t stop at diagnosing the problems: it goes further to ask how we might progress from our tense, conflicted times. With all the dexterity the Glasgow-born singer-songwriter and cellist is known for, the result is an album of lambent surfaces and choppy riptides, a deeply personal record for today poised between hope and despair. “The album is about what we’re all in right now, and my response to that and my life as a microcosm within that,” says Campbell, before suggesting how exposing modern horrors might prove purgative. “I think there’s a quote from A Course In Miracles which says, ‘Love brings up everything unlike itself for the purpose of healing and release.’ Maybe these horrible things are coming up and out so we can get rid of them and things can be better.”