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The Lovely Eggs

Nothing / Everything

limited bright yellow 7" - £9.99 | Buy
'Nothing / Everything' is a wistful, stark, magnificent seven minute psychedelic epic.
The Lovely Eggs

This Is Eggland (2023 reissue)

very limited neon green lp in alternative sleeve (500 only) - £22.99 | Buy
Heavier and more in-your-face than anything they’ve done previously, the duo bring together a fierce DIY ethos, surreal sense of humour and kitchen-sink r...
The Lovely Eggs

I Moron (featuring iggy pop)

limited yellow 7" (1200 only) - £6.99 | Buy
The Lovely Eggs

if you were fruit (deluxe version)

limited (500 only) pink & green "watermelon" lp + download - £17.99 | Buy
reissued with extra tracks & for the first time on vinyl, their 2009 debut showcases all the magic of their unique, funny, sad, moving, bewildering & be...
The Lovely Eggs

Still Second Rate

snot green 7" - £6.99 | Buy
‘still second rate” forces you to question the difference between value and worth &, most importantly, it also includes a pretty impressive re-c...

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This Nation's Saving Grace

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Penelope Isles

Which Way To Happy

limited white lp - £21.99 | Buy
cd - £10.99 | Buy
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The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster

Horse Of The Dog

limited glow in the dark lp - £34.99 | Buy
cd - £12.99 | Buy
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crack cloud

Red Mile

dinked edition 298 - limited numbered "Burn Out" red LP + "Freebies" CD + art patch (600 only) - £29.99 | Pre Order
very limited "Freefall" blue LP - £27.99 | Pre Order

black LP - £24.99 | Pre Order

CD - £11.99 | Pre Order
It’s been an undeniable joy to witness the thrilling progression of the ever-evolving, rowdy wonk-pop peddlers - Crack Cloud.


  1. Death Grip Kids
  2. Nothing / Everything
  3. Meeting Friends at Night
  4. People TV
  5. My Mood Wave
  6. I Don't Fucking Know What I'm Gunna Do
  7. Memory Man
  8. Things
  9. Echo You
  10. I am Gaia

The Lovely Eggs


egg records
  • limited indies only clear blue with "coffee" splatter lp + *signed print* (1000 only)

    Released: 17th May 2024

  • limited "mind green" lp + *signed print*

    Released: 17th May 2024

  • cd

    Released: 17th May 2024


This inventive twosome sure know how to keep us guessing! Whether they're setting up their own TV station, rescuing a beloved venue, or in this case, packing out their grunge-y pop psychedelia with delirious synthesisers, they're a sack full of surprises, resulting in a record as affecting and earworm packed as anything they've dared dish up before, perhaps even more so.

As the title suggests, “Eggsistentialism” explores a much more personal, introspective, and reflective side to The Lovely Eggs world and sees the Eggs explore new sounds and experiment in unventured musical territories. “The new album is really a reflection on what has been happening to us these last couple of years, stewing up in Eggland in our own juices,” explains Holly. “It’s about loss and strength. On this album you’ll hear us at our lowest and most vulnerable. Daily life is hard. Realising everything you grew up with and loved is never coming back, alongside the responsibilities of caring for others is sometimes hard to take. The album is about life and death. Eggsistentialism. It’s about dragging yourself through all the shit to get to the other side.” “It’s a bit of a ‘wilderness years’ album,” continues Holly.

“We haven’t released a new record since 2020 and in the meantime, we’ve been here fighting shit and trying to defend a right to a lifestyle that we’ve enjoyed here in this town for the last 30+ years as working musicians who refuse to get a “normal” job and tow the line. It’s about believing in something and not letting go. But that unwillingness to give in ultimately takes its toll. It does start to destroy you and the album is kind of a documentation of that destruction and collapse as well as the strength we’ve got to get through it all. Ultimately, this is a hopeful record about survival.”