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Dana Gavanski

Late Slap

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Ever since 'Yesterday Is Gone' first swished into our ears, we've been firm Dana fans and let's just say that 'Late Slap', with its star...


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*** we have atest pressto give away to one lucky winner so simply preorder the new album on any format for a chance to win & never fear, all existing preord...
Porridge Radio

Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky

very limited indies only baby pink lp in alternate cover - £23.99 | Buy
Porridge Radio passion runs deep at Resident & for good reason! Fuzzy guitars, piercing synths, relatable lyrics all topped off with one of themost unique v...
Billy Nomates


limited indies only clear lp + download - £22.99 | Buy
A prickly return for the country-slung singer on which she bares her soul just as often as she bares her teeth.


cd (20th anniversary edition) - £12.99 | Buy
primal scream’s landmark album celebrates its 20th birthday in style, with the entire record getting the remaster treatment from the band along with kevin...

yellow vinyl with signed print


yellow vinyl

  1. Big Machine
  2. Names of Plants and Animals
  3. No One
  4. That's Life
  5. Oars
  6. No Worries If Not
  7. Strut
  8. Nitrogen
  9. S.U.R.V.I.V.E
  10. On Loss and Overcoming Despair
  11. Top Level Joy

Liz Lawrence


chrysalis records
  • *signed* cd with booklet

    Released: 7th Jun 2024


Based on the album artwork, she might be looking to mangle our fingers, but it's her twisty-turny talent for entertaining lyrics carefully strapped to similarly winding melodies that has cracked our hearts, leaving us floored and entirely at her mercy.

Described as an "intensely British" record, 'Peanuts' is a wry and observational album, with a newfound sense of compassion and reflection on Liz's inner feelings and their projection on the outside world. Peanuts is a playground game, also known as Mercy, where two kids twist each other's fingers until one cries out, 'Peanuts!', signaling that they have met their pain threshold. 'Peanuts' is Liz Lawrence's first album release with Chrysalis Records, spanning 11 tracks full of topics spanning from plant names to the gender wealth gap. “Peanuts is Cate Le Bon meets Primal Scream going off on one about landowners. It’s learning the names of different trees and sweating over being polite in emails. It’s a petition to stop Elon Musk from space junking up the atmosphere so we can’t see the stars anymore and it’s a big deep breath after going under.” - Liz Lawrence