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Cathi Unsworth

Season of the Witch

*signed* hardback book - £22.00 | Buy
hardback book - £22.00 | Buy
An intimate, yet epic portrait of one of the most enduring subcultures that music has to offer.
Season of the Witch (Paperback)

Cathi Unsworth

Season of the Witch (Paperback)

Nine Eight Books
  • *signed* Book

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    Released: 2nd May 2024


The first book to cover in-depth and from an insider's perspective the inception and rise of goth - one of the world's most enduringly popular musical subcultures.

• A MOJO BOOK OF THE YEAR • A TIMES BOOK OF THE YEAR • Celebrating four decades of goth, the narrative will have widespread appeal to TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and social media from both its music and sociohistorical angles • A visually eye-catching product, utilising pictures from some of the most innovative photographers of the 1980s, who captured the best of these performers in their prime, as well as drawing on the distinctive nature of gothic imagery in its overall design.