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Blessings Of The Highest Order (2024 Repress)

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'Blessings of the Highest Order' compiles all of Thou’s Nirvana covers, originally recorded and released piecemeal on various EPs, splits, and tri...


  1. Narcissist’s Prayer
  2. Emotional Terrorist
  3. Lonely Vigil
  4. House of Ideas
  5. I Feel Nothing When You Cry
  6. Unbidden Guest
  7. I Return as Chained and Bound to You
  8. The Promise
  9. Panic Stricken, I Flee
  10. Siege Perilous
  11. I Feel Nothing When You Cry (7" track)
  12. Unbidden Guest (7" track)



sacred bones records
  • cd

    Released: 31st May 2024

  • black lp + black 7"

    Released: 31st May 2024

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Thou has always been a force of raw energy and unapologetic dissent, defying easy categorization and challenging listeners to confront the complexities of existence.

Though often lumped in with New Orleans sludge bands like Eyehategod and Crow- bar, Thou transcends genre boundaries, drawing inspiration from a diverse array of influences spanning from ‘90s proto-grunge icons like Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and Soundgarden (all of whom they’ve covered extensively) to the raw intensity of obscure ‘90s DIY hardcore punk found on labels like Ebullition, Vermiform, and Crimethinc. 'Umbilical', Thou’s first full-length release of original music since their 2018's 'Magus', is their firmest nod to the latter - a record filled with mosh-ready riffs, heavy breakdowns and scathing vocals. The band’s aesthetic and political impulses have always been punk and like anyone embroiled in the subculture Thou have been exploring what it means to exist within and without a rigid morality. That exploration takes thematic center on Umbilical and their self-assessment is as harsh as that of the world around them.