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This is the definitive reissue of the Prisoners' psychedelic masterpiece 1983 album, featuring all the tracks the group recorded for Big Beat in 1983.
The Prisoners

Hurricane: The Best Of The Prisoners (repress)

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Britain's finest psych'n'soul band of the past two decades blessed us with four studio albums, several live sets, a number of 7"s, the odd bonus number and sund...
Morning Star
  1. This Road Is Too Long
  2. Save Me
  3. If I Had Been Drinking
  4. Going Back
  5. My Wife
  6. Morning Star
  7. Something Better
  8. Break This Chain
  9. The Green Meteor
  10. Prophet of Gloom
  11. Winter In June
  12. Go to Him
  13. Beauty Hides the Truth
  14. Hold Tight


Morning Star

JTI Records
  • cd

    Released: 10th May 2024

  • limited lp

    Released: 10th May 2024

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Some things are worth waiting for: "Morning Star" is the first all-new album by The Prisoners since 1986.

It features the original line-up of Allan Crockford – bass, vocals - Graham Day – vocals, guitar - Johnny Symons – drums - James Taylor – Hammond organ, vocals. The recording was completed in two days, one of them in Studio 2 at Abbey Road. Their preference for recording quickly hasn't changed since they recorded that first album as teenagers, also in two days, in 1982.