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Released: 18th Sep 2011



Released: 18th Sep 2011


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the unmistakable voice of nika roza danilova returns on this darkly industrial electronic pop opus.

danilova, the composer & performer who, with a little help from some friends, is the creative force known as zola jesus has named this album after the philosophical notion of human beings’ natural desire to develop themselves & progress. fittingly ‘conatus’ is a huge leap forward in production, instrumentation & song structure, with a bold, textured & accomplished sound, not dissimilar to her previous body of work, but without doubt an evolved version. from thumping ballads to electronic glitch & the melding of synthetic & organic textures into one sonic entity, no sound goes unexplored on her new record. you can sense the liberating feel of an artist handing themselves over to raw introspection & inquisitively observing the results, making this a perfect slice of cinematic goth-pop & a deserving follow up to the critically acclaimed ‘stridulum ii’. “the thematic patterns of ‘conatus’ remain tantalisingly out of reach, buried beneath full-bore belting” – nme.