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cd ( + coin, cards & stickers)

Released: 28th Nov 2011


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the ambient tone generator’s creators open up its embedded loops for reworking by the cream of china's contemporary musicians.

since its release the fm3 buddha machine has become the meditative tool of choice amongst the intercontinental super-hip. the demonstrative cd here features contributions from varied chinese musicians including dou wei, 8-bit wunderkind sulumi & legendary sichuanese instrument-maker, field recordist & maverick musician huan qing. the result is a delightful kaleidoscope of what is best in the approach of chinese musicians today. the notion of re-use of elements is integral to the chinese culture & this shines through in this collection, with commemorative coins cast in metal from the same factory that makes metal items for the world's leading fashion labels. ‘hexiefu’ comes as a worldwide limited edition of 2000 copies.