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mad professor

the roots of dubstep



Released: 28th Nov 2011


heavy bass lines, solid drums, floating keyboards & flying guitars on the professor’s tribute to old school dub experimentation.

‘the roots of dubstep’ is a new album, utilising old technology, with 4 old songs, updated using new technology. 40 years ago, king tubby was experimenting with audio technology (1/2 inch ampex machines), & customised mci desks, tape echoes & spring reverbs. this led to a new era of music, dub, & for the first time the creator was from behind the desk. amongst the first generation of this musical form was, lee perry, errol thompson, king jammy. they inspired the next generation like scientist & mad professor. a hat-tip to the form that inspired the basis of modern dance music.

the roots of dubstep


  1. jail house dub
  2. slave catcher
  3. inverted minds
  4. why you treat me so bad?
  5. spa dub
  6. firm roots
  7. tribal ground
  8. return of the mandinka
  9. open dub door
  10. concrete bunker
  11. costa chica
  12. battle of juffre