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A Shared Sense Of Purpose b/w Vince Clarke Remix

limited baby pink 12" - £24.99 | Pre Order
"A Shared Sense of Purpose" looks at the small community centres that helped Runcorn become a five minute city, long before the current discussion abo...

The Nation's Most Central Location (2023 repress)

limited white lp - £24.99 | Buy
no amount of red tape can stop this development plan lamenting 40 years of leveling up failures.


Super Limited Camouflage LP (200 only!)- 1 per customer - £22.99
gordon chapman-fox expands his electronic plans for hauntological world domination with this beautiful and far-reaching cartography of synth swirls and digital ...

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BBC Radiophonic Music (2022 repress)

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Craven Faults


limited indies only "dark fell green" 2lp + photobook (1000 only) - £28.99 | Buy
2lp + photobook - £27.99 | Buy

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Meticulously curated, each release moves the Craven Faults story forward.
Your Community Hub
  1. A Shared Sense Of Purpose
  2. Rapid Transport Links
  3. Cul-de-Sac
  4. Summer All Year Round
  5. Facilities For All Ages
  6. Pedestrian Shopping Deck
  7. A New Town With An Old Sense Of Community


Your Community Hub

castles in space
  • limited clear with cream & purple splatter lp

    Released: 24th May 2024

  • limited purple lp

    Released: 24th May 2024

  • cd

    Released: 24th May 2024


Bliss-dripped electronica rising as if from concrete monoliths - Gordon Chapman-Fox rallies against Thatcherite Neo-liberalism with burbling synths and steady beats, drawing an enrapturing socialist framework from cascading cables, a dash of sax, and boxes that go 'bloop' in the night.

As our Louis says it's "A rare example of concept heightening the listening experience." 'Your Community Hub' compellingly continues his sonic exploration of the New Towns movement. The issues the councillors, planners, and architects set out to solve still resound and echo throughout society. For the latest instalment in this unique project, Gordon Chapman-Fox turns his laser eye to focus on Community and the Community Centres that populated Warrington and Runcorn in order to provide all the facilities people needed within a five minute walk from their home. These planning ideas predated the current discussions of fifteen minute cities by fifty years. Those 50 years have seen a decline in our community centres and services: handy access to a GP or dentist, Post Offices, youth clubs, local shops, banking and much more. Successive governments have undermined and eroded those basic services. The decline in community services has also been matched with a decline in community and shared experiences with a knock-on effect on the population's health and well-being. The disastrous austerity policies imposed over the last 15 years have exacerbated this long, slow reduction in available spaces for people to meet and communicate, with seemingly no recognition of the societal impact that causes.

Short-termism at the expense of the community and how we live our lives. Margaret Thatcher's statement that "there is no such thing as society" has been taken as a mission statement by successive Conservative governments who have aimed to remove as much support and communality from the citizens as possible. It continues now, the wrong-headed idea that everyone can be left to fend for themselves. Chapman-Fox's latest album decries the cruelty of where we find ourselves in 2024 and his quiet incandescence about the loss of optimism for what communities should be and could be. It's his most powerful work, and as always, it will deeply resonate with those who tune in to his unique vision and unparalleled productions.