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Julian Cope

Fried (2024 Reissue)

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Julian Cope's second album of 1984, 'Fried' is one of Julian Cope's boldest.
julian cope


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The Archdrude’s 1995 shows spilled out over three hours: scores of songs, and different every night.
World Shut Your Mouth (2024 Reissue)
  1. Bandy's First Jump
  2. Metranil Vavin
  3. Strasbourg
  4. Elegant Chaos
  5. Quizmaster
  6. Kolly Kibber's Birthday
  7. Sunshine Playroom
  8. Head Hang Low
  9. Pussyface
  10. Greatness And Perfection
  11. Lunatic And Fire-Pistol

julian cope

World Shut Your Mouth (2024 Reissue)

  • 180g lp

    Released: 14th Jun 2024


Originally issued in 1984, 'World Shut Your Mouth' saw the mercurial leader of The Teardrop Explodes establish himself as a fully-fledged solo artist.

When The Teardrop Explodes finally ground to a halt in late 1982, all eyes were on what leader Julian Cope would do next. After retreating to the village of Drayton Bassett in Staffordshire for an extended period, Cope began writing 'World Shut Your Mouth', his first solo album. Released in March 1984, it is the closest to his old band of all his solo work (Metranil Vavin and Pussyface were both originally intended for the Teardrops), 'World Shut Your Mouth' featured Gary Dwyer on drums, and giving the album its most distinctive sound, Kate St. John on oboe. Beautifully pastoral, it is full of highlights such as Strasbourg, Kolly Kibber's Birthday and the wistful, reflective Head Hang Low. The strange, string-led, schizophrenic, Sunshine Playroom was the album's first single, followed up by 'radio hit' Greatness And Perfection.