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Los Campesinos!

NO BLUES (10th Anniversary)

Limited Transparent Green LP - £21.99 | Buy
Grab a gorgeous transparent green edition to celebrate 10 years of the album where the indie-popsters cranked their football references all the way up to (shirt...
Los Campesinos!

we are beautiful, we are doomed (2018 reissue)

cd - £11.99 | Buy
their second album returns to our stereos newly remastered and sounding more incendiary than ever.
Los Campesinos!

Hold On Now, Youngster (2018 reissue)

cd - £11.99 | Buy
to celebrate its 10th anniversary, their classic debut returns Newly remastered and backed with a bonus disc, containing covers and b-sides from the time of the...

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the menzingers

After The Party (2024 Repress)

limited lp on gatefold sleeve (U.S. Import) - £22.99 | Buy

Please Don't Take Me Back b/w My Heart is a Drummer

limited mixed grey 7" (1000 only) - £7.99 | Buy
New 7” from Durham indie, pop, punks Martha! ‘Please Don't Take Me Back’ is a song about refusing to let rose-tinted glasses distort your ...
Red Rum Club

How To Steal The World

ochre & blue lp - £19.99
Unaccustomed to the new ‘wait and see’ conditions of modern living, Red Rum Club bottled their impatience, wrapped up their worries and gathered the...
car seat headrest

Faces From The Masquerade

limited 2lp in gatefold sleeve - £36.99 | Buy
Will Toledo and the gang brought their a-game to this three night run back in '22 - amping the rumpus right up to dizzying new heights - and now those of us...
All Hell


Blood Moon 2LP

  1. The Coin-Op Guillotine
  2. Holy Smoke (2005)
  3. A Psychic Wound
  4. I. Spit; or, a Bite Mark In The Shape Of The Sunflower State
  5. Long Throes
  6. Feast Of Tongues
  7. The Order Of The Seasons
  8. II. Music For Aerial Toll House
  9. To Hell In a Handjob
  10. Clown Blood/Orpheus’ Bobbing Head
  11. kms
  12. III. Surfing a Contrail
  13. Moonstruck
  14. 0898 HEARTACHE
  15. Adult Acne Stigmata

Dinked Edition 297


- Red & black "blood galaxy" coloured vinyl *
- Special sleeve with red foiling *
- Signed & hand-numbered riso print *
- Deluxe lyric booklet (exclusive artwork & photography) *
- Silver printed inners *
- Limited pressing of 900 *

* EXCLUSIVE to Dinked Edition

Los Campesinos!

All Hell

heart swells
  • limited indies only 45rpm "Blood Moon" 2LP (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 19th Jul 2024

  • 45rpm 2LP (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 19th Jul 2024

  • CD (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 19th Jul 2024

  • Cassette (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 19th Jul 2024

  • dinked edition 297 - limited 45rpm red & black "blood galaxy" colour 2LP in red foil sleeve with silver printed inners + deluxe lyric booklet + signed & numbered riso print (900 only) (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 19th Jul 2024

    out of stock

Nearly 20 years in the game, Los Campesinos! have lost none of that youthful verve and energy that so endeared them to us all those years back.

If anything, their seventh album finds them walloping these infectious new tunes out with even more ballsy jubilance than ever before!

And, fittingly, they’ve packed out this Dinked edition with just as much exuberance as they jam into their music – we’re talking a mouth-watering, universe-busting, double vinyl (cut at 45rpm for maximum sound quality) on a striking colourway, exclusive artwork (in both the deluxe lyric booklet & enhanced sleeve), plus a signed & hand-numbered riso print (exclusive artwork from Rob) to top it all off.
It really is a sight for sore eyes. 
So, what are you waiting for? 
It’s time to let ‘All Hell’ break loose!

For Fans Of: The Menzingers / Martha / Red Rum Club / The Beautiful South / The Promise Ring / Mineral / Car Seat Headrest