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Crumb’s second album, Ice Melt, takes its name from the coarse blend of salts that you can buy from your local hardware store for $9.
  1. From Outside A Window Sill
  2. Side By Side
  3. The Bug
  4. AMAMA
  5. Genie
  6. Crushxd
  7. Nighlty News
  8. (Alone in) Brussels
  9. Sleep Talk
  10. Dust Bunny
  11. Swarmed
  12. XXX



Crumb Records
  • limited olive green LP

    Released: 14th Jun 2024


The New York psych-pop band return with 'Amama', their most carefree and open-hearted album to date.

A soundscape full of playful and patchwork experimentation — glitchy pitch-shifted vocals, cell phone recordings, nautical blips, sax mouthpiece solos, blasted drum samples, and piano strings dampened with Silly Putty — 'Amama' continues to deepen the band’s hypnotic sound in a cohesive line back through 2021’s 'Ice Melt', 2019’s 'Jinx', and breakout EPs, 'Locket' and 'Crumb'. Without a doubt, 'Amama' is Crumb — singer and multi-instrumentalist Lila Ramani, keyboardist and saxophonist Bri Aronow, bassist Jesse Brotter, and drummer Jonathan Gilad — at their most animated. 'Amama' exists at the crossroads of psychedelia, pop, jazz, and rock, and cements Crumb as a band uniquely their own. Released independently on Crumb Records and produced alongside Johnscott Sanford and Jonathan Rado in Los Angeles, 'Amama' is an incandescent statement about searching for solid ground, connection, and clarity in a life of nomadic upheaval.