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On The Corner

Sony Music Jazz

heavyweight lp

Released: 3rd Sep 2012



Released: 18th Aug 2022


Scorned by critics at the time of its release, Miles Davis’ 1972 album ‘On The Corner’ is now seen as a forerunner of Post Punk, Hip Hop, Drum & Bass & Electronic music.

Miles wanted to reconnect with a younger audience, who had forsaken him for Rock & funk, & the experimental 'On The Corner' was his answer. Leaning more heavily on a drum & bass groundwork, the overdubs consisted of free improvisations held in the studio. ‘On The Corner’ isn’t one of Miles easiest records to listen to, but it can yield the most fruits.

On The Corner

  1. On The Corner
  2. New York Girl
  3. Thinkin' One Thing And Doin' Another   
  4. Vote For Miles  
  5. Black Satin
  6. One And One   
  7. Helen Butte
  8. Mr. Freedom X