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Released: 7th Apr 2011


LP + download

Released: 7th Apr 2011


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the hotly anticipated full debut album from moon duo (wooden shijps guitarist ripley johnson & his partner sanae yamada) has landed! fusing the futuristic pylon hum & transistor reverb of suicide or silver apples with the heat-haze fuzz of american rock ʻnʼ roll, they create tracks of blistering, 12-cylinder space rock. unlike their previous eps which were home-recorded, this record sounds fuller thanks to a process of layering up their sound in a proper studio with multiple guitar tracks, percussion, piano, organ & anything else they could squeeze in, then travelling over to berlin to mix the record. the result is a fuzzy, lysergic-drenched beast led by johnson’s monstrous, zoned-out guitar, like a shining beacon amidst the haze. & whilst these songs twist & turn, in & out of focus, they’re still remarkably coherent & stand easily next to the finest work of the loops, spacemen 3s & suicides of this world. hugely recommended. “an exercise in accessibility & concision, using familiar, melodic pop templates to support their drone & krautrock tendencies” – pitchfork.