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Released: 5th Jun 2011


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Released: 20th Oct 2011


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Released: 1st Jun 2011


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for their 6th album mmj go back to what 1st made us fall in love with them. drawing upon their rich knowledge of classic rock, country, soul & psychedelia, & spinning these influences into fresh, life-affirming rock’n’roll & aching, haunting balladry, they have crafted a richly melodic album that is full of warmth & character. frontman jim james sings like a man reinvigorated & the fact that ‘circuital’ was mainly recorded live in a gym in their home town of kentucky, with a few overdubs gives their sound an air of reinvention whilst maintaining the distinct spirit of mmj’s previous work. from the opening call-to-arms that is ‘victory dance’ through to the gorgeous closing lament of ‘movin away’, the ten tracks of ‘circuital’ display all that is great about my morning jacket. “a remarkably solid step for a band that's never stopped evolving” – pitchfork.