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Dire Straits

Brothers In Arms



Released: 3rd Jun 1996


20th Anniversary Edition

Released: 23rd May 2005


2lp + download

Released: 19th May 2014


International best-seller 'Brothers in Arms' brings the atmospheric, jazz-rock inclinations of 'Love Over Gold' into a pop setting.

the initial success of 'Brothers in Arms' was helped considerably by the clever computer-animated video for 'Money for Nothing', a sardonic attack on MTV. But what keeps the record selling is Mark Knopfler's increased sense of pop songcraft -- 'Money for Nothing' has an indelible guitar riff, 'Walk of Life' is a catchy up-tempo boogie variation on 'Sultans of Swing,' and the melodies of the bluesy 'So Far Away' and the down-tempo, Everly Brothers-style 'Why Worry' are wistful and lovely. Dire Straits had never been so concise or pop-oriented, and it wore well on them. 'Brothers in Arms' remains one of their most focused & accomplished albums In its succinct pop sense, it's distinctively important within their catalogue. Will please fans of The Police, Tom petty & Bruce ''the boss'' springsteen.....& more recently, the war on drugs.

Brothers In Arms