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His 'N' Hers



Released: 25th Aug 2003


deluxe 2cd

Released: 11th Sep 2006


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deluxe 2lp

Released: 10th Dec 2012


the '94 album that established their musical & lyrical obsessions &, in turn, the album where the world at large became acquainted with their tightly wound synth pop & jarvis cocker's impeccably barbed wit.

this was a sound that was carefully thought out, pieced together from old glam & post-punk records, assembled in so it had the immediacy (& hooks) of pop balanced by an artful obsession with moody, dark textures. for all of the chilliness of the old analogue keyboards & the conscious geek stance of cocker, this isn't music that aims for the head: its target is the gut & groin, & 'his 'n' hers' has an immediacy that's apparent as soon as 'joyriders' kicks the album into gear with its crashing guitars.

His 'N' Hers