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deaf center

owl splinters



Released: 14th Feb 2011


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back in 2005, the norwegian duo of erik skodvin & otto totland delivered their stunning debut as deaf center, ‘pale ravine’.

a record of stark, mystical beauty it’s been hailed as a bona fide modern classical classic. now, all these years later, the duo make their return. this time they chose to record in a studio setting &, with the benefit of some high-end engineering & analogue equipment, their murky compositions have been transformed from sketches into glorious widescreen spectacles. from the cello-string scrapings of opener ‘divided’, you know you’re in for an unsettling listen, yet there are still strands of light that pierce the darkness like the satie-esque minor-major piano of ‘fiction dawn’. echoes of half-remembered horror movies, love songs & the dark arts come together in a norwegian cauldron to reveal something that at its heart is deeply moving & beautiful. this is the same deaf center we fell in love with all those years ago, but bigger & more powerful than ever before. utterly essential.

owl splinters


  1. divided
  2. time spent
  3. new beginning (tidal darkness)
  4. the day I would never have
  5. animal sacrifice
  6. fiction dawn
  7. close forever watching
  8. hunted twice