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unknown mortal orchestra

unknown mortal orchestra

true panther sounds


Released: 25th Jul 2011


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Released: 10th Mar 2014


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classic psychedelic rock, krautrock rhythms & proto-hip hop beats interact cohesively to create a brilliant album.

having previously been a part of the mint chicks, a new zealand band signed to flying nun, ruban nielson splintered from the group when they moved to portland, oregon. it was then he created umo, mostly for his own personal amusement, with songs of “junkshop record collector pop” that are heavy on the beats, joyous in their appreciation of hooks whilst using the voice as an almost melodic instrument in the fuzzy-psychedelic mix. this surprisingly unified fusion of several influential elements is one for fans of tame impala for sure but there are many oddities at work here & this is also likely to appeal to fans of white denim or the black keys. “he’s cursed with a midas melodic touch” - nme.

unknown mortal orchestra


  1. ffunny ffrends
  2. bicycle
  3. thought ballune
  4. jello & juggernauts
  5. how can you luv me
  6. nerve damage
  7. little blu house
  8. strangers are strange
  9. boy witch