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fully qualified survivor

light in the attic

cd (reissue)

Released: 28th Feb 2011


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although not as well-known as his peers (roy harper, john marytn & bert jansch), the name michael chapman is an important one in the linage of english folk rock guitarists & singer/songwriters of the late 60’s/early 70’s.

for those unfamiliar with his work, roy harper might be his closest musical cousin (both artists were signed to emi’s seminal stoner record label harvest). like other harvest artists, chapman’s music contains a slightly drugged out feel, sublime guitar playing & intense lyrics. he recorded 4 albums for, of which 1970’s ‘fully qualified survivor’ is considered the classic amongst the whole highly coveted bunch. what makes it such a special album (besides being a vehicle for a young mick ronson’s mind-blowing guitar heroics) are the layers of beautiful acoustic guitars, deranged vocals, floating conga drums & the cello of one paul buckmaster – the same man who provided the intense strings on elton john’s dark masterpiece ‘mad man across the water’. “’survivor’ reveals itself as a key influence on early 1970s bowie” 4/5 – mojo.

fully qualified survivor


  1. aviator
  2. naked ladies & electric ragtime
  3. stranger in the room
  4. postcards of scarborough
  5. fishbeard sunset
  6. soulful lady
  7. rabbit hills
  8. march rain
  9. kodak ghosts
  10. andru's easy rider
  11. trinkets & rings