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radiant door

sacred bones


Released: 16th Nov 2011



Released: 17th Nov 2011


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featuring 5 tracks that have the same spooky, reverb-heavy vibe & rhythmic punch of their belting debut album.

cementing their place as one of the better garage-noise-psych bands around in 2011, crystal stilts return with an ep of dextrous songcraft. the strong opener unshackles them from their fuzzy reputation, whilst a haunted ballad conjures up (& borrows a guitar part from) the velvet underground. 2 well-chosen covers include a rollicking & loose version of the blue orchids' ‘low profile’ & a twangly take on the lee hazlewood-penned sanford clark song ‘still as the night’ that proves vocalist brad hargett could have a second career as a crooner of country death ballads. he should stick to reverb psych-pop, though, since he’s got a really good thing going there.

radiant door