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guitars from agadez vol 3

sublime frequencies


Released: 17th Nov 2011


fans of tinariwen will jump at this highest calibre tuareg trance guitar rock, now on cd after immediately selling out on vinyl.

recorded & compiled by sublime frequencies honcho hisham mayet this limited edition cd is the latest missive from the now-sound of niger's tuareg guitar scene. life affirming & celebratory music led by guitar hero bibi ahmed, this new incarnation introduces another legend on 2nd guitar, one koudede maman, unfortunately due to the shooting of a former guitarist. the sound represented on this album is the apex of the trance guitar style that this scene has perfected - rock music played with saharan modes, a propulsive entropy that is infectious & narcotic. 2 guitars, bass & drums chug along on a hypnotic choogle that rivals both the magic band's early '70s workouts & the velvet underground.

guitars from agadez vol 3