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Evolve Or Be Extinct

Big Dada


Released: 19th Jan 2012


3LP & download

Released: 19th Jan 2012


the godfather of grime lives up to his rep with a tough album of rudimentary production backing his on-point raps & humorous tales.

dark, funny, wild & exhilarating, this is a record which shows just what wiley is capable of when he forgets the minutiae of recording contracts & concentrates on the many weird & wonderful facets of his life, from the hyped punk-grime of the title track, through the soca-swing of ‘miss you’ to the sparse drip-crunk of ‘this is just an album’. wiley is an artist who continues to develop, refine & improve his vision even after ten turbulent years in the game. “still one of the genre's most distinct voices & crucial producers” – pitchfork.

Evolve Or Be Extinct


  1. Welcome To Zion
  2. Evolve Or Be Extinct
  3. Link Up
  4. Boom Blast
  5. I'm Skanking
  6. Weirdo
  7. Scar
  8. Can I Have A Taxi Please?
  9. Miss You
  10. Money Man
  11. Customs
  12. Immigration
  13. Only Human ft Kashtastic
  14. This Is Just An Album
  15. Ya Win Some, Ya Lose Some
  16. Fire
  17. No Love Lost
  18. Cheer Up, It's Christmas
  19. Life At Sea
  20. Daiquiris
  21. Confused ft Manga
  22. Highs And Lows