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Loss Of Life

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A very "MGMT MGMT album" which the band describes as "a group of songs about love and change, first and foremost".


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In the spring of 2011, MGMT was approached by the Guggenheim Museum in New York to create a wholly unique live music experience in conjunction with the Maurizio...
late night tales (various artists)
  1. Can't See Through - It Disco Inferno
  2. Love You Girl - The Great! Society
  3. Cheree - Suicide
  4. Stop & Smell The Roses - Television Personalities
  5. Ocean - The Velvet Underground
  6. Red Indians - Felt
  7. Laughing Boy - Julian Cope
  8. For Belgian Friends - The Durutti Column
  9. Mound Of Clay - Charlie Feathers
  10. Song For Wilde - Mark Fry
  11. All We Ever Wanted Was Everything – Mgmt
  12. Troubled Mind - Cheval Sombre
  13. Drug Song - Dave Bixby
  14. Hearts Are Like Flowers - The Jacobites
  15. Pink Frost - The Chills
  16. Sparks - Martin Rev
  17. Melancholy Man – Wake
  18. Lord Can You Hear Me - Spacemen 3
  19. Morning Splendour - Pauline Anna Strom
  20. Lost For Words Pt. 2 - Paul Morley


late night tales (various artists)

Late Night Tales
  • cd

    Released: 3rd Oct 2011

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brooklyn duo compile a diverse, surprising & coherent mixtape of post-punk, cult indie & counter-culture figureheads.

this ‘late night tales’ selection reflects the band’s multifaceted sound & draws comparisons with contemporary dreampop /chillwave / shoegaze / folk scenes on both sides of the atlantic. luminaries the velvet underground, suicide & julian cope sit alongside less familiar names such as disco inferno, whose ‘can’t see it through’ from their final album ‘technicolour’ opens proceedings. mgmt’s exclusive cover of ‘all we ever wanted was everything’ by bauhaus sits comfortably alongside the uk post-punk gothic band’s peers, the durutti column, the chills, the jacobites & felt, with their brief but imposing instrumental ‘red indians’. the double header of cheval sombre’s ‘troubled mind’ & ‘drug song’ by 60’s christian folk singer dave bixby accentuate the reverie offered by the ever penitent spacemen 3, with ‘lord can you hear me?’, closing with an exclusive spoken word piece by journalist & art of noise collaborator, paul morley.