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misfortunes & minor victories

self released

handmade, wax sealed cd

Released: 22nd Dec 2011


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super limited, 2nd self-released ep from the newcastle band finds them experimenting with sonic textures & exploring a darker, deeply atmospheric sound.

written & recorded during the winter of 2008/9, ‘misfortunes & other victories’ opens with a very early version of ‘a kingdom’, imbued with a wistful americana edge as it burns slowly to its beautifully uplifting conclusion. ‘giants’ is storming & energetic with dramatic string stabs & an insistent rhythm. ‘there’s a light on in your home’ is an intimate piece, surrounded by electronic ambience & hazel’s half-whispered vocal. ‘you need better’ builds with their carefully honed & powerful swell.

misfortunes & minor victories


  1. A Kingdom
  2. Giants
  3. There's A Light On In Your Home
  4. You Need Better