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junior electronics


bureau b


Released: 9th Apr 2012



Released: 9th Apr 2012


the 2nd solo work of musician/producer & stereolab keyboardist joe watson fuses analogue sensibilities with experimental modern song forms.

described as a collection of “musical mesostics”, which we have researched to find is a piece of typography containing vertical passages intersecting horizontal ones, (& thus a pun was understood), joe has crafted this meticulously arranged work in his brighton studio. reminiscent of the pioneering indie-electro experimentalists he plays with, the music blends avant-funk, prog pop & experimental textures to create a sort of strange ‘70s library music meets matching mole experience.



  1. Intimations
  2. else queen elsie
  3. zero distress
  4. mike mcconnell
  5. fire island sand
  6. geostationary satellite
  7. faulty reasoning
  8. one is conspiracy
  9. heads