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django django

Django Django



Released: 30th Jan 2012


adventurous art-rock, perfectly melding metronomy, hot chip & the beta band's dance & pop sensibilities - every track is its own nation of harmonies, rhythms & textures - Genius! the edinburgh quartet magic-up a bold, adventurous & psychedelically-bruised strain of bedroom art-rock.

melding electronic flourishes to the visceral rub of live instrumentation. from the swooning, bucolic beach boy-isms of opening track ‘hail bop’ & the sterner, questing bo diddley beat guitars of ‘life's a beach’ to the industrious, go-gettings of ‘firewater’ & the sleepy cowboy sighs of ‘silver rays’ & ‘default’ which sounds like an uprising in a mexican gun factory, this is a compelling, creative & lively album. it seems to have everything but amazingly, everything never seems like too much.

natasha recommends: "bouncy, shape-shifting, addictive indie pop that sounds like nothing else around at the mo - playful & fun, it’s also incredibly sophisticated & clever & a guaranteed grin inducer".

Django Django


  1. Introduction
  2. Hail Bop
  3. Default
  4. Firewater
  5. Waveforms
  6. Zumm Zumm
  7. Hand of Man
  8. Love's Dart
  9. Wor
  10. Storm
  11. Life's a Beach
  12. Skies over Cairo
  13. Silver Rays