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dubbing on bond street

jamaican recordings


Released: 20th Feb 2012


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a fine array of dubs from the melodica-weilding maestro cut at duke reid’s treasure isle studio.

augustus pablo worked over these tracks in his now-familiar style, adding his magical sound to produce another classic set of seriously hazy dubs.

dubbing on bond street

  1. Rockers Magic
  2. Pablo On The Scene
  3. Duke Spirit
  4. treasured Version
  5. smoke Signal
  6. Hillside Dub
  7. Old Time Rock
  8. Black Heart Sound
  9. eastern Dub
  10. Bright Light Version
  11. Shinning Dub
  12. Jump Up
  13. Merry Melodies
  14. Can’t Stop The Rockers
  15. Blue Time
  16. Shepherds Delight
  17. Sunshine Version (cd bonus track)
  18. Earthquake Dub (cd bonus track)
  19. Thunder and Lightning (cd bonus track)