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Suzanne Ciani


Finders Keepers Records


Released: 13th Feb 2012



Released: 13th Feb 2012


synth explorer breathes life into electronic sound with otherworldly results hanging in the air like musical glow worms.

with a sonic portfolio that boasts commissions for the xenon pinball machine, the meco star wars theme, atari tv commercials & the original ‘stepford wives’ film (amongst many others), ciani is proof that in a ‘70s commercial world of boys’ toys, a woman’s touch was the secret ingredient to sonic seduction. her detailed & academic approach to music & electronics, coupled with an impeccable sense of timing, humour & melody, shines throughout this collection of previously unreleased recordings – a fervent testing ground for new developments in electronic & computerized music. for fans of ghost box, boards of canada, stereolab & broadcast. “irresistibly appealing in a world of moog fetishism & retromania…estranging, de-territorialising, & curiously warm” – the line of best fit.



  1. Lixiviation
  2. Atari Video Games Logo
  3. ‘Clean Room’ ITT TV Spot
  4. Almay ‘Eclipse’ TV Spot
  5. Paris 1971
  6. Sound Of A Dream Kissing
  7. Atari Corporate Tag
  8. Princess With Orange Feet
  9. ‘Pop & Pour’ Coca-Cola Logo
  10. ‘Discover Magazine’ TV Spot
  11. Live Buchla Concert 1975
  12. ‘Inside Story’ PBS TV Spot
  13. ‘Liberator’ Atari TV Spot
  14. Eighth Wave
  15. Sound Of Wetness
  16. Second Breath