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gazelle twin

the entire city

anti-ghost moon ray

limited cd

Released: 13th Aug 2011


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brighton’s very own electronic chanteuse invites you in to her otherworldly, forboding & deliciously dark musical vision.

with this stunning debut elizabeth walling is sure to get compared to bjork, fever ray, bat for lashes, planningtorock & esben & the witch, but with repeated listens ‘the entire city’ unfurls & unfolds as a singular & twisted musical journey, commandeered by walling’s extraordinary vocals. they soar & sweep across the audio plane with walling using effects liberally to cast a domineering & at times sensual shadow over proceedings. musically speaking, beats skitter & crunch, whilst minimal synth lines leave enough space for the vocal layers to take center stage. this is an accomplished work, high in atmospehere & detail, with a stark & naked feel adding suspense throughout. “walling is both star and morphing other, warping breathy harmonies and siren miasmas into elegant cyborg operas. a stunning debut.” 5/5 – guardian.

natasha says : while i impatiently await a new fever ray album & to get me over the disappointment of kate bush’s output this year, elizabeth walling’s project will console me perfectly. dark, rumbling, eerie & cinematic.

the entire city