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Julianna Barwick

Healing Is A Miracle

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as its title suggests, barwick's angelic vocals and rejuvenating electronic oceans capture the sensation of wounds knitting back together and relief from pa...
Julianna Barwick


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builds upon the sparse instrumentation & loop-based vocal arrangements of her debut.
  1. unt1
  2. unt2
  3. unt3
  4. unt4
  5. unt5
  6. unt6
  7. unt7
  8. unt8
  9. unt9
  10. scary cat
  11. dancing with friends
  12. sanguine
  13. red tit warbler

Julianna Barwick


  • cd

    Released: 27th Feb 2012

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a collection of short loop based tracks make up this self-released debut, now made more widely available.

lacking definable lyrics, the songs create their own themes sonically & leave nameless emotional impressions. her talents as a vocalist push most of the musical strength in the album, her melodic vocal overdubs with vocal percussion is fascinating & dizzying.