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Released: 14th Mar 2011


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2LP + download


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grimes is the supremely catchy & insanely haunting work of 23 year-old canadian singer / musician claire boucher.

hers is a delightful yet bizarre audio universe where kate bush jams with fleetwood mac in a floatation tank while the spirit of arthur russell hovers overhead - that’s not to suggest that the grimes sound is all sweetness & light; there’s sometimes a dark undertow that recalls the likes of salem, the same darkness that julie cruise tapped into so beautifully for twin peaks & like fellow warped pop mavericks autre ne veut. there’s a touch of prince flirting with the cocteau twins or the smiths covered by my bloody valentine. but enough of this talk of other artists, the great thing about grimes is that despite the influence of myriad styles including r&b, industrial, goth, hip hop & shoegaze she creates a unique sound world you could lose yourself in for days, weeks, a lifetime.